Religious hatred…vs…. Religion’s hatred.


Taleban in Texas

Taleban in Texas



Religions can say whatever they like about us (non-theists) as long as its in a book of lies and fairy tales. Yet we may not say from our own mind or from the glaring  evidence, “I hate the caste system in Hindu belief, and the archaic Judaism, Islam and Christianity and all the other pathetic theist belief structures and you should too.”, or else I fall under the religious hatred legislation that protects the religious in hating us but convicts us of hating them.

I’m tired of proponents of religion, Sikh’s, Christian’s, Hindu’s etc who constantly moan about “discrimination” as though their religions promoted anything else! Its no secret that Muslims are taught by the Quran not to trust the Jews, to kill the Kafirs (us) in parts and that all religion is false (we agree) except Islam (we don’t agree). The Bible tells Jews to wipe out Amalekites (a people living in Palestine/Israel) wholesale, they are to commit genocide, they are commanded to do so by their “holy” book. The Hindu texts re-enforce the subjugation of the Dalits, the “untouchables”.

Just recently, rabbi Schlomo Riskin went on at length about the fact of “assimilation” being an evil thing for Jews. He practically praised people who kill Jews because it reminds them that they are “Jewish” and should not assimilate! In his recent Jerusalem Post column he wrote, ” Assimilation” as one of the “greatest dangers of all”. Strange that if these were the words of a Muslim Cleric, advising Muslims not to integrate, he would be seized upon by the  bible-biased press as an extremist, but as Jews and Christians are well/over represented in the media, they use the fear of OUR secular law to protect THEIR own backward religion/delusion.  At which point they go back to the Mosque, Church or Synagogue and carry on telling each other what scum, we the secular who defend them, are, and how brilliant they all are for their “belief

Publications like the Sun and News of the World, run opinion columns and stories from people who may as well be Israeli ambassadors, because they spend most of their time telling us how great the Israeli people are. Sorry to say so, but they’re not great at all, they are simply humans with a dangerous mass delusion whose fires are stoked by the community’s most deluded, for he calls himself a teacher and teaches no facts at all!

Our recent round of Islam bashing, though needed, has resulted in us forgetting that there are other evil religions like Judaism and Christianity that are benefiting from the secular attack on Islam. They are sitting quietly back as we, the rational, do their work for them. We must not allow the Christians/Jews/Hindu’s etc to feel “safe” behind a wall of resistance to Islam’s more overt form of religion. We must not let them allow us to think that they are a “moderate” alternative, they are no alternative and they certainly are not moderate. The chopping off of newborns skin is Jewish. The killing of pale skinned “witch” children in Tanzania due to their Albinism is a Christian crime, Jews believe also, that you have the right to kill a witch! Did you know that Jews believed in witches? Sound stupid? It is! It would be even be funny if not for the fact that little girls and boys, infants are being killed.

Have a look at what the bible teaches children to do. In this video we have little boys, throwing stones at a woman and child, no doubt prompted by parents and their archaic religion.

Christians and Jews like to seem as though their religion is a “sane” and “civilised” alternative to Islam, when the fact is they are equally as extreme and even more backward.  The insane hard line Jewish settlers and the equally deluded Messianic/Zionist Christians who populate the world and Israel, are quite quick to tell you that God loves them and not you in one setting and preach love for all mankind in another. They are quite happy to call the death of 1,400 or so Palestinians a “tragedy” as though they didn’t mean to kill anyone by unleashing warships, tanks, helicopter gunships, armoured vehicles, bombers, fighter jets, ground troops, massive air-strikes and white phosphorous bombs, thousands of bullets and blockading of aid supplies. Jews openly pray: “thank god for not making me a woman or a goy(non-jew)” every day. And still then when someone points out the falsehood of their religion or the two-faced notion of ‘Religion’ itself, they scream for equality, whilst never believing for a second that we are equals! They throw the trusty secular law book onto the table and act as though they respect it above all else.  They, like almost every other religion, believe as a matter of religion that they are “Chosen above the nations…” by god to rule over us non-Jews. Religion is by definition discrimination, it promotes the childish world view of “Them and us” and the former are always the inferior.

The Quran has many, many verses or “ayat” where we are told of the “evil” of the unbelievers and how perverse we all are. Yet if we raise the question of a FIFTY SOMETHING YEAR OLD MAN HAVING SEX WITH A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL, as the “Prophet” Muhammad did with Aisha, we find that all of a sudden, the very people who preach the hatred of everything secular, and love only for religion and religious law, rush with arms outstretched to secular law for protection! Yet Islamic scholars constantly go on about the immoral sexual behaviour of secularists whilst in private promoting sex with a nine year old as “blessed”. We are protecting the edicts of a man who called a nine year old his “favourite wife”. How can we know this and not cringe? Imagine if we heard a paedophile of modern times speak of which little girl was his “favourite”, we’d become nauseous. It’s disgusting and the Muslims need to be told. Many of them don’t even know. This fact is not sung about in the media, I have educated many Muslims on this subject and they are equally as disgusted by it. The only problem is they say “I’ll check it out” and never get back to me.

WE are the ones called into court for disputing this, we are the ones  treated as though we, and not they,  read a book that speaks of the reader’s superiority over those who don’t like the book. It is in my opinion, time to open religion up to the sort of scrutiny that any other charlatan’s lies would be. I dislike religion and I hope you do the same, it wasn’t until we hated slavery that we got rid of it… so we should hate religion a bit more every day until you won’t stand for it’s intrusion, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or otherwise. Do it now. Don’t resort to violence, that’s their level, hence Israel/Palestine and militant Islam and Christian militias in America.

Don’t be afraid… there is no god to defend them or punish us, no messiah coming back, no Krishna consciousness, no Imam Mahdi, no Buddha and no Hell… there is only secular law. And it’s interesting to watch them, by extension, admit that there is only Human law that will defend them, every time they use secular laws to defend their indefensible piffle they admit and enforce this point.

Their laws have failed, they don’t work, don’t let them now patch up their sinking ships with our law to stop it from sinking. Sink that sodding boat and keep the Rabbi’s, vicars, Guru’s and Mullah’s on it.


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